Multiage classes are created when children of different ages and grade levels are intentionally combined in a single classroom to realize academic and social benefits. Multiage is an option for incoming kindergarten families, who may choose between multiage, looping, and traditional single year classrooms. You can apply for HHE's multiage program by filling out are online application or by picking up and completing a hard copy from the front office. Applications for the 2016-2017 school year will be accepted through August 1, 2016.

Multiage at HHE
Heron Heights is proud to currently offer K/1 and 2/3 multiage classes. A student enters our multiage family in kindergarten as a "younger" and remains in the same class for his/her first grade year new youngers enter the classroom. First graders, or "olders" as we refer to them, develop leadership and problem solving skills as they act as role models to their younger peers. Olders inspire youngers to push themselves as they learn and work alongside one another. Our multiage classes are run like families and are taught by teachers who believe that children learn as much from their peers as they do their teacher. Lasting friendships, differentiated instruction, and an understanding of how children learn makes multiage an enticing option for Heron Heights families that you can't find just anywhere.

HHE Career Day

On Thursday, May 26th, the students of HHE experienced their first Career Day. Organized by Mrs. Srebnik, our talented technology teacher and proud multiage parent, the day included representatives from dozens of careers. The children moved from room to room and each child heard six different presentations. Multiage students met and learned from a software architect, fire fighters, a computer engineer, a virtual reality engineer, a board game inventor, home pest control experts, a home health provider, and a sports agent. Thank you to all the multiage parents who volunteered their time to come to HHE and speak to us about your awesome careers, and thank you to Mrs. Srebnik for organizing such an informative and inspirational morning.

Multiage Water Day, June 3rd

Calling all fun seeking Multiagers!!! Let’s end our year with a splash! Our highly anticipated Multiage Water Day will be on Friday, June 3rd at the Heron Heights amphitheater. Students are going to collaborate and participate in a variety of water themed events. So wear your multiage t-shirts and prepare yourselves for a wet, fun-filled afternoon!!!

Annual Multiage Pool Party, June 3rd

As school comes to an end, there is time for one last party before summer break. Our Pool Party is an annual family event that celebrates the accomplishments of 122 students and 6 staff members. It’s a time to reminisce and strengthen the bonds of new friendships for both students and parents. This event is all about FUN & FAMILY!!

June 3rd, 3-5PM
Heron Bay Main Clubhouse

Field Day Rescheduled, June 1

Multiage Field Day has been rescheduled for June 1st, 9-11 am. Please note there is a location change, and we will now have field day on campus. A BIG you to all the parents who volunteered to let us use your tailgating tents at the park. Turns out we will no longer need them, as we can now use the PE pavilion for shade. Parents are welcome to come cheer us on and we will need your help assisting with the various stations. Please enter through the office and meet us out back. To renew our color war excitement due to the rescheduling delay, we are encouraging kids and parents to go ALL OUT in their colors for the big day. Looking forward to seeing our SPIRITED families in blue and green on June 1st.

Turning Rain into Rainbows

Although our day didn't go as planned, and we were understandably disappointed by the cancellation of our field day, two of the K/1 teachers decided to use the day as a learning opportunity. Often in life, we have plans, and they don't always turn out the way we had hoped. Learning to be flexible and realizing that we are the only ones who can change our outlook on life are lessons we all have to learn at some point. Today, we decided to turn our day around and reinforce these character traits within our students.

We started our day as normal, word work, calendar, read to buddy, etc...but then at 9 am, we brought the kids together and told them that today was not just going to be an ordinary day. We filled the day with cooperative exercises. Groups designed aluminum foil boats, built domes using toothpicks and gumdrops, and got artistic with shaving cream.

Multiage Color War Has Begun!

Our Multiage Color War started off with a bang on Friday, May 13th. Students are wearing their color (blue or green) for five consecutive school days. Starting Monday, the multiage teachers will begin to give out points, and parents will receive point totals each night. On the last day, Thursday, May 19th, the children will participate in a multiage field day at Pine Trails Park. Parents are welcome to cheer us on at the park from 9:00-11:00 am. If you will be there and can help us out, please contact your child's teacher. We need parents to follow their child's group and help at the different stations. Feel free to come dressed in your family's color. Let's go MULTIAGE!!!

We Survived the Multiage Sleepover

We have gotten such positive feedback regarding our annual multiage sleepover, an event many children would say is the most anticipated of the year. The children, 94 total, reported to Hotel Heron Heights at 7pm. Throughout our fun-filled evening, multiage students got to eat dinner and design their own backpacks. After the project we took the fun outside with our flashlights. We walked in groups and we looked for nocturnal animals. Our budding scientists observed toads, rabbits, and some interesting insect activity. Next came the activity rotation. This year the children got to ride scooters in the halls, participate in a tic-tac-toe relay, and play corn hole. We ended the night with snacks and a movie. We woke early to pack up our things and eat breakfast before taking a group photo in our survivor shirts. We hope your child had an unforgettable time.

2/3 Research Clubs

Who loves to learn new things? We do! The 2/3 classrooms have been working in research clubs. Each club has been studying two different animals in great depth; life cycles, habitats, predators, prey, and much, much more! The students have been classifying and categorizing information. Our 2/3 researchers are learning to study and synthesize information from multiple texts. They are organizing their research using text structures such as cause and effect and compare and contrast. The clubs are preparing PowerPoint presentations to share with their peers. Learning from each other is what multiage is all about!

Multiage Informational Night

Multiage classroom

The multiage team will have their yearly informational meeting at 6:15pm on Monday, May 16th. If you have an incoming kindergarten child and are interested in learning more about the multiage philosophy and what makes our multiage family unique, please join us in the HHE cafeteria. The K/1 and 2/3 teachers will lead the informational night and be available to answer questions. The multiage teachers will lead parents through a tour of both a K/1 and a 2/3 classroom. We hope to see you there.

Multiage is Having a COLOR WAR!!

Have you heard the news? Multiage is having a COLOR WAR!! Be on the lookout for more info from your child's teacher in regards to dates and your child's assigned color. Children will need to dress in their color on a few special days during the war with everything culminating on our field day. It's war!!


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