Multiage classes are created when children of different ages and grade levels are intentionally combined in a single classroom to realize academic and social benefits. Multiage is an option for incoming kindergarten families, who may choose between multiage, looping, and traditional single year classrooms. You can apply for HHE's multiage program by filling out our online application or by picking up and completing a hard copy from the front office. We will begin accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year on May 16th.

Multiage at HHE
Heron Heights is proud to currently offer K/1 and 2/3 multiage classes. A student enters our multiage family in kindergarten as a "younger" and remains in the same class for his/her first grade year as new youngers join the classroom family. First graders, or "olders" as we refer to them, develop leadership and problem solving skills as they act as role models to their younger peers. Olders inspire youngers to push themselves as they learn and work alongside one another. Our multiage classes are run like families and are taught by teachers who believe that children learn as much from their peers as they do their teacher. Lasting friendships, differentiated instruction, and an understanding of how children learn makes multiage an enticing option for Heron Heights families that you can't find just anywhere.

Research Clubs in 2/3

In 2/3, we have been working in Research Clubs during Reading Workshop. Each group is researching a different topic related to our science standards: Earth, Rocks and Minerals, Weather, Plants, and the Human Body. We are learning how to synthesize information from a variety of sources- articles, books, and online. Through hard work and collaboration, groups are beginning to finish up their research and are getting ready to present all that they’ve learned. Soon each group will be an expert on their topic!

Youngers Supporting Olders

We always love to see how our multiage students and families support one another, and this week was a perfect example. First grade students took their end of year primary reading assessment, their first "big test" in elementary school, and our kindergarten students were behind them all the way. Youngers gave olders words of encouragement, wrote good luck messages, and even created posters to inspire their first grade mentors. What an awesome display of friendship.

Reading & Writing in K/1

Our K/1 friends are ending the school year with our last Lucy Calkins units in both Reading and Writing. The children are being immersed with realistic fiction. In reading, they experience the power of story. The unit teaches empathy, imagination, envisionment, and prediction. They learn that every time you open a storybook, you’ll meet a character who is going places and doing things. In writing, the children are led through the process of creating a pretend character, giving that character adventures in more than one booklet, elaborating and revising, and finally creating a “boxed set” of their stories.

Learning about Electricity in 2/3

Mr. Lennertz's 2/3 class recently learned about different types of energy. The most requested form of energy is his electrical energy invention. His students learn how to complete an electrical circuit through food. He brought out his homemade hot dog maker made from a piece of wood, two nails and a cut up extension cord. The kids say it's the best hot dog they have ever had in their life.

Adult Night

On April 13, we had our 2nd annual Multiage Adult Night at Cooper’s Hawk Winery. We had over 75 people in attendance, enjoying wine, food and great conversation. It really shows that the Multiage parents care about each other, as well as the program. We met so many new friends and rekindled past friendships. We want to thank the 30 plus vendors for donating over $900 worth of prizes. Every family left with a prize and a memory. We can’t wait until next year!

Field Day Fun

One thing that makes Multiage Field Day unique, is the way our teachers create teams with every classroom represented. We love the way it encourages children to cheer for their classmates on different teams and allows our students to build connections with multiage friends in all of our classes. Coach O'Rorke put together a memorable morning and one of our AMAZING parents was there to capture our memories on film. What a special day!

K/1 Celebrates the 120th Day

K/1 students had to rescue Zero the Hero and save 120’s day by completing missions that revolved around the number 120. Once they completed each mission, they were given a clue inside a Top Secret envelope. Once they had all the clues, they had to put them in order to read the message from Devious Agent 99. The classroom was transformed into a spy lab and the agents had their fingerprint scanned before they could enter the spy headquarters. Once they entered, the day began with a video message from Agent 99. It was a day our Multiage children will never forget.

You've Got Mail!!

Mrs. McCormack's K/1 Beach Buddies completed their mini-unit on friendly letters. The students celebrated their learning by writing letters to their favorite Disney characters. They addressed the envelopes and dropped them into the "outgoing mail basket" in the HHE front office. The students got to take a virtual field trip to the post office, and learn how letters make it to their final destination. The students are eagerly awaiting responses they should receive in 4-6 weeks.

Let's Welcome Georgina!

Meet Georgina, the Froggy Friend’s spunky little hamster. Georgina is a Dwarf hamster who loves to burrow in her bedding and run through her tubes. Georgina is a very healthy eater and loves her apples. Even though hamsters are nocturnal, Georgina can always be found listening to the Froggy Friends read their just-right books. Anything else you want to know about hamsters? Ask a Froggy Friend!

Successful Trunk-or-Treat

How awesome was this year's trunk-or-treat?!? Thank you to all of the families who came out and participated in this highly anticipated, annual event. We are always AMAZED at how creative our multiage families are, and this year was no different.


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