Multiage classes are created when children of different ages and grade levels are intentionally combined in a single classroom to realize academic and social benefits. Multiage is an option for incoming kindergarten families, who may choose between multiage, looping, and traditional single year classrooms. You can apply for HHE's multiage program by filling out our online application or by picking up and completing a hard copy from the front office. We are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year.

Multiage at HHE
Heron Heights is proud to currently offer K/1 and 2/3 multiage classes. A student enters our multiage family in kindergarten as a "younger" and remains in the same class for his/her first grade year as new youngers join the classroom family. First graders, or "olders" as we refer to them, develop leadership and problem solving skills as they act as role models to their younger peers. Olders inspire youngers to push themselves as they learn and work alongside one another. Our multiage classes are run like families and are taught by teachers who believe that children learn as much from their peers as they do their teacher. Lasting friendships, differentiated instruction, and an understanding of how children learn makes multiage an enticing option for Heron Heights families that you can't find just anywhere.

You've Got Mail!!

Mrs. McCormack's K/1 Beach Buddies completed their mini-unit on friendly letters. The students celebrated their learning by writing letters to their favorite Disney characters. They addressed the envelopes and dropped them into the "outgoing mail basket" in the HHE front office. The students got to take a virtual field trip to the post office, and learn how letters make it to their final destination. The students are eagerly awaiting responses they should receive in 4-6 weeks.

Let's Welcome Georgina!

Meet Georgina, the Froggy Friend’s spunky little hamster. Georgina is a Dwarf hamster who loves to burrow in her bedding and run through her tubes. Georgina is a very healthy eater and loves her apples. Even though hamsters are nocturnal, Georgina can always be found listening to the Froggy Friends read their just-right books. Anything else you want to know about hamsters? Ask a Froggy Friend!

Successful Trunk-or-Treat

How awesome was this year's trunk-or-treat?!? Thank you to all of the families who came out and participated in this highly anticipated, annual event. We are always AMAZED at how creative our multiage families are, and this year was no different.

High Touch, High Tech in K/1

Our K-1 scientists had a blast at their High Touch/High Tech in-house field trip. We learned all about chemical and physical changes. We did four hands-on science experiments: identifying acids and bases, mixing and making new colors, edible gummies, and making slime.

K/1 Has Our 1st Field Trip

On October 16th our K/1 classes got the opportunity to visit the Coral Springs Theater to see a lively production of "Dragon's Love Tacos" and Other Stories. For our youngers, this was their very first official field trip, and we hope they had an unforgettable time. Watching our olders take the lead, comforting and reassuring their youngers was particularly heart warming. We are looking forward to our upcoming November trip to the theater with our 2/3 friends.

Genius Hour in 2/3

Have you ever had a moment where you are suddenly wanting to learn more about a particular topic or idea? It happens to us all the time. The Bookworms have been finding ways to pursue their own curiosities. Throughout the week, students can add a “wonder” or curiosity question to the class Wonder Wall. On Fridays, we set aside the last hour of the day to explore these questions. This is our Genius Hour. Students can work alone, in a partnership, or in a small group. Through research, the students are hoping to find answers to their wonderings. The end result will be a project that anchors their learning (i.e. a PowerPoint presentation, brochure, poster). We kicked off our Genius Hour by exploring all sorts of interesting topics. How do owls hear? Are there different types of lightning? Can animals look at a solar eclipse? Curiosity leads to great discoveries.

High-Touch, High-Tech Permissions Slips Due Sept. 7th

Multiage is excited to once again pair with High Touch, High Tech to better explore our science standards. Every month, multiage students will have an in-school science field trip that will transform our classrooms into living laboratories. The programs are completely hands-on and meet Broward County’s New Generation Standards for Science. We have selected labs that directly align with what we will be teaching at the time, ensuring we get the most from the experience. We were also sure to select labs that last year’s students have not already completed, making the experience “new” for both youngers and olders. Field trip forms were emailed to parents by the multiage teachers on Friday, Sept. 1st.

First Family Event, Sept. 17

Our first Multiage Family Event for the new school year is right around the corner. We will be ice skating on Sunday, September 17 from 1-3pm at Florida Panthers Ice Den (Coral Springs). You will pay at the ice rink, as it is during open skate. We are looking forward to a wonderful event!!

Open House, Sept. 6th

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming multiage open houses on Wednesday, September 6th. Our K/1 presentations will be at 6:30 and 2/3 will start at 7:30. Be on the lookout for information regarding location from your child's teacher. We are looking forward to telling you a little more about what we do in our classrooms and the philosophy behind it.

"Be the Leader"

We want to say "welcome" to all of our new multiage families. As we kick off the sixth year of our multiage program, we hope that one day your family will look back on your time in multiage as four years filled with memories. Our program is built on the foundation of family and we believe our families are some of the best.

This year's theme is "Be the Leader." Our goal to inspire our students to step into leadership positions in the world around them. Whether they are showing a younger the ropes or leading by example within their family, we want our students to have the confidence to lead. We look forward to motivating our students to step into the shoes of a leader throughout the year.


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